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ME_MMIX Festival, June 27th @ Sala Pelaires (Palma)

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I will be performing the first three pieces of the series “Estudis sobre corbes Lissajous” at the ME_MMIX Festival next month at Sala Pelaires.

In this series of sono-visual creations, I will develop the relationship between sound and light patterns known as “Lissajous curves”, that reflect the relationship between the frequency and the phase of two sound signals. In the field of “visual music”, these studies show a synesthetic symbiosis between electronic sounds created with modular synthesizers and a laser projector; paying tribute to the real-time laser control techniques of the 70s and the so-called “analog consoles”.

I have designed an electronic interface that converts sounds into images in real-time, eluding the figurative conventions of typical modern laser shows by creating abstract images of high purity with an evident mathematical inspiration and with roots in pythagorical tradition. In this way, the audience can “see” the relationship between the different sounds coming from the loudspeakers.

The sounds of experimental nature used in these studies can be related to minimalism and drone, without forgetting the influence of techno and hip-hop popular culture, even though this two last ones are not present in explicit form.

The live performance places the audience inside a scenic space surrounding a truncated sphere visible from all angles over which aerial laser patterns are projected.


More info to come in the next days!

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